Hearts Promise Sheltie Rescue
Hearts Promise Sheltie Rescue
Heart's Promise Sheltie Rescue is based in Pennsylvania and have volunteers throughout the state of PA. We serve the Shelties in need throughout the state of PA.

Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue (HPSR) is an all-volunteer organization established to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Shelties. All our Shelties are fostered in HPSR volunteers' homes (we do not have a shelter). All vetting needs are addressed promptly and fully, including spay or neuter. The sheltie fosters are then eligible to be adopted to carefully chosen homes, where they will be loved, well cared for. HPSR is a not for profit organization funded solely by donations.

If you know of a Sheltie in need, please contact us right away.

Please help us!
Heart's Promise Sheltie Rescue -  219 East Meyer Ave. -  New Castle PA 16105